Postman Pat derailed. Or, why a courier may be better than regular mail


Most people never consider the services of a courier when they want to send a package, opting instead for more ‘traditional’ methods of delivery.

While it is true, that Royal Mail is perhaps best for day to day items such as letters and postcards, there are times when that certain little package absolutely must get to it’s destination intact, and on time.

Now, nobody is saying that these things are not possible with Royal Mail – but can you be absolutely certain of the outcome? Online retailers, for instance, often make use of courier services for this very reason.

The sheer volume of consumer goods that would pass through the mail service would likely cripple it, so couriers really have come to the fore in recent years. With a burgeoning market, competing couriers have become more than just a specialist service for specialist industries; the need to remain competitive, to improve services across the board and appeal to a much broader audience, has made them a very viable alternative to the regular postal service.

Courier firms are strange animals, though, and seem to defy the expectations people have of successful business in terms of growth vs customer relations.

What exactly does that mean? Well, do you recognise your postman? Do you know him/her by name? There is a good chance, if you live in a populous area, that the answers to those two questions will be ‘no’. Courier services, however, are more personal. Even if you sometimes have a different courier on your doorstep, there is still an established rapport between client and service.

Quality counts for everything


Quality plays an important part of the whole ‘Courier Vs Regular Mail’ argument, and it is a very valid point.

Courier services, such as Speed Courier, are always striving to be better and stay one step ahead of the competition (this is a good thing, for everyone, as it forces services across the entire industry to improve – just as in any other business). The trouble with regular mail, is that there is no competition. This means no incentive to improve, and no incentive to go beyond client expectations.

If you aren’t sure sure about that, take a moment to think back to the last time you received a package via regular mail. Was it in pristine condition, or was the packaging ripped and torn?

Boxes get squashed, parcel paper gets ripped and even soiled – it is not uncommon for parcels, and letters, to mysteriously develop footprints on them before finding their way to their final destination.

Things like this don’t always happen, and in the grand scheme of things could possibly be described as ‘infrequent’. But is that really the point?

Courier services are very much a personal thing, with real people involved at every stage of the process. Not only is a client pretty much guaranteed a delivery spot (and same day really does mean that), but the packages are looked after as though they belonged to the service itself.

If you would like more information on how a Manchester courier service like Speed Couriers can help you, just drop us a line.

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