Predictions Forecast December 3rd as Biggest Online Shopping Day of 2012

Delivery services across the UK are sure to be busier than ever during the first week in December this year after new research predicts that Monday 3rd December will be the biggest shopping day of the year so far, followed closely by the following Monday (10th December).

Research showed that Monday the 5th December was the busiest online shopping day last year, bringing an annual peak in online retail, based on clicks through paid search ads, again, followed closely by December 12th. This makes it difficult to pinpoint which would likely be the busiest day in 2012, as the second Monday falls earlier this year.

Online retailers are likely to already be aware of the huge surge in sales at this time of year and what is commonly referred to as the ‘cyber Monday effect’. It’s important however that retailers don’t plan the whole December strategy around the 3rd however, as the day is just one single 24hour period in a very busy season.

It is the days following Monday 3rd in which courier services can expect a large surge of delivery requests, especially in the case of those all-important special delivery Christmas presents! For a speedy delivery during this busy period, contact Speed Couriers for a service that assures efficiency and care as standard. 

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