Preparing your business for December


Ensuring your business plan for the festive period is watertight is a good way to avoid disaster and provide an increased number of customers with a product or service they will love during December.

While you may well have stocked your shelves in time for larger Christmas orders, there are other plans such as reliable delivery services that must be accounted for too! While it is still too early to effectively forecast for unforgiving weather during December, leaving your delivery strategy until the last minute could be extremely damaging to your reputation if you leave your customers high and dry before Christmas!

Online shopping is as popular as ever, and many forecasts expect 2014 to be the busiest Christmas ever for online orders, so delivery options are key.

Put as much time and effort into planning ahead as possible and be creative about how you can mitigate every situation.

Communication will be key but it is also important to review your current supply chain strengths & weaknesses. Do you have a flexible courier onboard such as Speed Couriers whom are able to deliver 24/7, 7 days a week, and even run a same day delivery service providing the capability to help manage delivery backlogs during peak with alternative delivery windows?

While the last 3-years’ weather conditions have been fairly kind to us, that’s not to say any degree of complacency could be catastrophic, leaving your business and its valued customers out of pocket.

So, don’t take a chance with your delivery promises this Christmas or you could be blown away, call Speed Couriers today on 0161 877 2000 expert help and advice on deliveries during the busiest time of year!

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