Preventing Damage to Your Parcel During Transit

You’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of your parcel and the expected delivery date has finally arrived. But, when you open up the contents of the parcel they have been damaged. Whether it is a poster that has been torn or a television that has been crushed, it’s not a sight any of us want to see. So, how do couriers ensure that this doesn’t happen when they handle an item?


A courier can help their customer package their item in a safe manner. It is often recommended to cover a fragile item with bubble wrap before sealing it with strong packaging material. Couriers are usually happy to check that the packaging is up to scratch before its journey begins.


Courier vans make use of strong containers to help protects goods during transit. Bumpy roads and bad weather alone should not lead to a parcel being damaged.

Couriers must undergo a number of performance standards tests and are trained to understand how to handle items with care. The requirements of many consignments extend beyond safe driving. For example, medical consignments will require a driver to have additional qualifications. Entrusting your item with a well-trained driver can help you be more confident that your items will be delivered safe and sound.

Tracking technology

Tracking technology helps both the sender and recipient ensure that their packaging is delivered to the correct address at the correct time. This reduces the likelihood of a parcel being damaged, lost or even stolen during transit.

Depending on the circumstances, if a parcel arrives at its destination damaged then compensation will be provided. Packages up to a certain value will normally be insured against damage and all good courier companies will inquire as to the value of a package to ensure that customers are covered.

You shouldn’t need to worry about whether or items are safe during transit. That is why it is beneficial to rely upon a trustworthy couriering service, such as ourselves, to ensure you’re benefiting from the best service possible.

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