Quick Tips for Driving Green in 2014

At Speed Couriers, we get some serious miles under our belt over the space of a year, and we know all too well how the petrol costs can mount up when you drive long distances regularly, especially as costs seem to always be on the up rise.

Luckily, we’ve got some quick and simple tips to help you keep fuel consumption down when you’re on the road during the New Year, and reduce your car’s total carbon emissions too!

Using gears effectively

Using your car’s gears efficiently can reduce petrol costs and consumption considerably, particularly over longer periods of time.

To do this simply move up through your gears as early as possible, this will reduce how many revs your engine is using to drive the car therefore using up less petrol and producing less CO2 emissions.

Hill Starts

By using your handbrake when stopping on a hill instead of using the car’s biting point to remain stationary, you will further reduce petrol consumption and take a load of strain off your car too (this can be a common cause of engine overheating!).

Timing is Everything

Setting off in good time to reach your destination at a calm and steady pace will eliminate the need to rush, and allow you to accelerate more steadily.

Switch off the Engine

If you think your vehicle will be stationary, switch off the engine. You’re sure to save fuel this way and let your engine cool a little too!

Air Conditioning

Put a limit on your use of air conditioning. While it’s hard to deny that its use is necessary in extreme hot or cold weather conditions, there is no reason to leave it running on milder days. Air conditioning will inevitably use more fuel is used unnecessarily.

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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