Quick Tips for Posting Fragile Items

Sending an item from one place to the next via post is certainly a convenient way of getting things around, but when it comes to more fragile items such as pottery on antiquers (commonly bought in online auctions) receivers often find their items to be chipped, damaged or in more severe cases, completely broken.

While posting items will never be as safe or sufficient as sending items via courier, sometimes using this method cannot be avoided; so the Speed Couriers team have got together to deliver their top tips for packing fragile items, ready for a bumpy ride.

Space and Padding

The trick to delivering a larger fragile item (such as a collectable vinyl or pottery) is to pack it in a box which is too big, and then fill every inch of empty space in the box with padding such as newspaper, bubble wrap or Styrofoam.

Be sure to but a base of padding down first before popping your item in the box, and be sure no sides of the item are touching the edge of the box. There should ideally be at least an inch or so of padding between every part of the item and the sides of the box.

Larger Items

Large or heavy items have a tendency to damage themselves during postage, purely due to the impact the weight has on the transportation of the item; the parcel would likely land with a thud when placed down, or any movement during transportation could cause the package to topple.

To ‘travel proof’ your parcel, we are simply going to ‘double-up’ on the padding method above; place the item into its box and fill with padding, then pad the base of a larger box and place your first box (taped up and containing the item) in the centre. Fill all the sides with your chosen padding as well as covering the top of the first box, and then seal the second box and label accordingly.

So there we are, two quick but simple methods for posting items more safely. Remember, for efficient and delicate transportation of your fragile items, contact Speed Couriers today!

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