Quick Tips for Selling on EBay


One of the main differences between shopping on the high street and shopping online is you can’t physically see who you’re doing business with, and while you are still transferring the money to them upon purchase, you won’t receive your item straight away.

What’s required is trust on behalf of the buyer that the seller will send out the goods as per the contract. eBay, which advertises itself as the world’s online marketplace, managed to overcome this hurdle by launching a feedback system – a simple way for buyers and sellers to comment on their experiences on the site.

Starting Out

If you’re new to Ebay, a great place to start is begin building a positive reputation on the website. Having little or no feedback at all will reflect badly, as people are much more relaxed and willing to deal with users who have real testimonials and positive reviews. The easiest option is to make a number of purchases of your own as this will give other sellers the opportunity to provide you with positive feedback as a buyer – a good rating as a buyer will not guarantee eBay users see you as a trustworthy seller, but it’s the best place to start.

Controlling your feedback

There is a just reason why Ebay’s feedback system works as effectively as it does; each  review and feedback piece that you see is an honest and genuine account of other user’s dealings with the seller or buyer you are viewing. The seller cannot alter the feedback to put themselves in a better light. That being said, there are some ways to influence the feedback you receive, primarily by doing everything possible to provide the buyer with a good experience.

Being prompt in your communication, offering a wide variety of payment choices and reliable shipping options, sending out goods quickly and packaging them well can all help ensure that a buyer leaves you positive comments, which in turn will help to encourage other eBay users to view you as a trustworthy seller.

So there we have some quick and simple tips for new sellers to Ebay. Good luck and happy selling!

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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