Random ramblings on the road

Random ramblings on the road. Time to leave the corporate head at home These are the thoughts of two guys with two months on the road en route to Mongolia.

Life in the fast lane, life in the dirty lane and even life in the land slide

Felt like minor d list celebs yesterday when we got mobbed by very friendly Chinese tourists taking pictures of Ian and myself with the bikes. Ewan and Charlie eat your hearts out now as it’s our turn.

Ian’s a real good guy to travel with, always laughing. Always got a smile on his face. Bet he was even laughing when he chopped his thumb off years ago.

More random thoughts, German campsite toilets get 10 out of 10 for cleanliness but the Gestapo must have designed the toilet paper.

I had to march around Graz in Austria like a scruffy storm trooper with my moto cross boots having lost my only pair of shoes and my single luxury item, my camping chair off the back of the bike. Life’s a gas. Being half German and half Irish I’m a very efficient idiot and can get away with making comments about the German toilets. Just as a side note whatever comments I make about people and places en route, they will be light hearted observations and not meant to be taken seriously.

Covered 2,500 miles in 6 days so far on a single cylinder off road bike which certainly isn’t the ideal motorway cruiser.


Will try and update the thoughts of the last few days tonight.

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