Reduction in Scottish Drink Driving Limit 


Anyone who is planning a trip up to Scotland this winter should use caution when it comes to sipping an alcoholic drink and climbing behind a steering wheel.

A new proposal is set to reduce the legal blood alcohol level from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood from December 5, meaning an amount as small as one pint of beer or a single glass of wine could well now be more than enough to put you over the legal limit.

While we certainly don’t condone the consumption of any alcohol at all before driving a vehicle, many people still have misconceptions and misunderstandings about exactly how much they can have before being over the legal limit.

This is particularly true in England, and with many English motorists travelling up to Scotland to visit friends and family over the Christmas period, this could be a dangerous combination.

The UK has been called to follow suit by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, who have welcomed Scotland’s move to reduce their legal limit for blood alcohol content.

Scottish road safety manager Sandy Allan said he believed the move would save lives and help to prevent injuries on Scotland’s roads.

He added: “There is a considerable body of research which shows that reducing drink drive limits is effective in reducing drink-drive deaths and injuries. We would like to see the rest of the UK follow Scotland’s example.”

It’s estimated that one in ten deaths on Scotland’s roads involves drivers who are over the legal limit.

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