Royal Mail’s New Delivery Scheme

As of the beginning of this month, Royal Mail postmen and women will now leave undelivered packages with the next-door neighbours, so it may be wise to get friendly with your neighbours and patch up any garden hedge disputes!

The new scheme aims to reduce the number of post office collections by leaving the parcels and packages with a nearby neighbour. ‘Deliverees’ can opt out of this scheme by ordering a royal mail sticker to put on your front door, and have the parcel dropped at their local post office as usual.

In the event that your package goes missing, you can only receive standard compensation of up to £46.00. Items sent internationally, high value parcels or items sent by special delivery are all excluded from the new scheme.

Many critics have raised questions such as “Wont leaving parcels with neighbours leave them vulnerable to tampering, loss or damage?”, but Royal Mail are happy with the performance of their trial of over 750,000 deliveries, and ensure the public that these instances happen no way near as much as they may think.

This new scheme is sure to affect millions of people across the country, so if you haven’t yet got to know the folks next door, now may be the perfect time!

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