Sat Nav Mishaps

For many modern car owners, the map is a thing of the past, and will never be used again due to the convenience and functionality of modern satellite navigation units. In some cases however, these handy little helpers can land users in a strange situation from time to time. Here’s just a few tales from across the UK.

Trouble for Truckers

47-year-old lorry driver Steven Ablett thought his sat nav knew best when it directed him down a narrow country lane. Steven began to realise his trust had been misplaced during the first few minutes of his 17.5 tonne truck becoming definitively wedged in a narrow country lane. He had to spend the night in his truck’s cab, missing his son’s 18th birthday in the process.

Unlucky Cabby

A dependent cab driver followed a river under instruction from his sat nav, and became firmly stuck in deep mud and sludge, causing the cabby to abandon his vehicle. He was later rescued by a man in a tractor, who towed him out of the river in Swaffham.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A Belgian lorry driver put the blame of thousands of pound’s worth of destruction after his sat nav led him into a cul-de-sac, which he could not escape from. During his short stay on the street, he managed to rack up  £20,000 in damages after completely destroying a car trapped under his vehicle, and severely damaging five other vehicles (oh, and wiping out a mini roundabout too!).

Security Scare

There was a major high level security scare after the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s car was sold with sensitive addresses still stored in the sat nav’s history. Police had sold her Jaguar Xj6 at auction without ensuring they had properly wiped the built-in sat nav’s memory.

So remember, as handy as sat navs can be, they can often make mistakes, especially on rural routes. Be sure to do a little homework before leaving to ensure your device is taking you in the right general direction!

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