Short & Simple Tips for Mailing Overseas

Quick Tips for Mailing Overseas

Mailing a parcel overseas sounds like it should be a fairly straightforward task, but unfortunately , as with many things in life, there are numerous things that can go wrong with a simple delivery overseas.

At Speed Couriers, we know what good deliveries are made of, so we have put together this short and simple guide to help you greatly improve the chances of your package arriving safely at its destination, and shipping costs as low as possible!

Cutting Costs

Shipping an item abroad can often cost far more than we anticipate, and the cost of shipping is often determined by the following factors.

Weight. Lightweight parcels aren’t much of an issue, but anything weighing over 1kg can end up being quite costly – especially if you require tracking.

Delivery dates. Another thing to consider is how soon you need the parcel delivered – for urgent deliveries that are affordable, couriers are your best option.

If you can be flexible on the weight of the package (i.e. can remove a non-essential item from the parcel) and the dates of delivery, you may very well be able to shave off a portion of the cost.


An aspect that often gets overlooked is packaging – which can be costly both in terms of overestimating how much packing you actually need along with not providing enough packaging; resulting in the contents of your parcel being damaged:

Before you get a quote, make sure you correctly measure your parcel – as if it ends up being heavier than originally thought, you may end up having to pay a surcharge.

Additionally, it may not fit in the courier company’s sorting machine; meaning it could become damaged or be returned to you. (Note: for international shipments, overseas delivery fees are often based on ‘volumetric weight’. To calculate this, the formula is usually length times height, times width – cm – which is finally divided by 5,000 to give you the final volumetric weight in kilograms).

Delivery forms. When using a courier company to ship overseas, courier companies require you to complete a booking form for each consignment you mail – however, when sending international items, these forms tend to be more detailed due to tax reasons.

Delivery/collection. With courier drivers having varied schedules, a delivery could turn up at any time – however, the majority of couriers will attempt to make a delivery at least three times before returning the items back to the sender.

It’s important to bear in mind that if you’re mailing or receiving packages from overseas, you may find that you’ll have to pay extra tax or duty charges (depending on what exactly it is you’re sending). For more information, take a look at the HMRC website.

So there you have our short and simple list of tips for mailing a package overseas. For a fast and speedy Courier Service you can rely on, contact Speed Couriers today on 0161 877 2000.

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