Six to Ten Brits Have Bad Customer Service Experiences…Not Us!


Recent statistics show thousands across the UK could regularly be getting poor customer service on a regular basis, meaning a lack of manners and commitment to providing a good service are lacking more by the year.

Following the recent survey carried out by, 59% of consumers stated that they have encountered staff with a bad attitude, 83% claimed to have been kept waiting far too long in queues or on hold on the phone, and a whopping 65% said they encounter poor customer service on a regular basis!

Overall, just one third of people said that they were given a good customer service experience in the UK, however despite this, relatively few individuals are prepared to complain or take a grievance to a higher authority within the company. A lacklustre 27%of people admitted to making their feelings known when they are dealt with poorly.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, said: “What this tells us is that the number of complaints received by companies is actually just the tip of an iceberg. Consumers regularly receive shoddy service, but often feel unable or unwilling to complain.

“This is bad for consumers and bad for the companies too as, without this vital feedback, they lose the chance to listen and improve and could easily end up seeing their customers disappearing out of their door and into the arms of a rival.”

It would seem the primary reason unsatisfied customers do not complain is that it may be ‘too much hassle’, with 60% of those surveyed stating this is the main reason for them not taking their complain higher.

Well, we’re pleased to say that our commitment to providing a fantastic customer service experience to all our clients have won us several awards, including “Business of the Decade”,” Courier Company of the Year” and “Regional Courier Company of the Year” several times!

Remember, for a courier service experience with great customer service too, Call Speed Couriers today on 0161 877 2000

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