Speed Couriers and Crown Commercial Services

Speed Couriers, if you did not know, are Manchester-based and have been working in the city, and indeed the whole country, for over 3 decades. Very recently Speed Couriers have been approved and added to the CCS’s (Crown Commercial Service) COVID-19 Catalogue of Suppliers. This means we can help the nation even further.

The healthcare industry needs all the help that it can get right now, and we are proud to be a part of that national effort in making sure essential medical equipment gets where it needs to be and gets there quickly.

The Crown Commercial Service’s COVID-19 Catalogue of Suppliers is a resource that anyone within the public sector can make use of. Certain trusted goods and services are becoming increasingly important to source during the pandemic, and this catalogue is designed to help people do exactly that.

We have been working right across the Northwest and beyond during lockdown, making sure that medical items and other essentials that need to be reliably delivered are getting to where they need to be. We have been working with organisations, companies and charities to help ensure that those that need this equipment and items get them in a timely manner.

How does it all work?

The British Government has, as you would expect during a time of crisis, received offers numbering in their thousands from suppliers from right across the United Kingdom. These are offers to provide services and goods to organisations within the public sector to help in the pandemic response.

Because of the very nature of the situation that the whole country now finds itself in, the Crown Commercial Service put this catalogue together to help match up urgent requirements with the offers of support that keep being made. All of the companies listed in the catalogue, including Speed Couriers, have been contacted prior to approval and inclusion, to provide more detail if that is required.

The goods and services on offer are categorised by offer type and where in the country it is offered. Government buyers are then able to utilise the catalogue to locate suppliers that meet their own particular requirements. Search results can be filtered, as is to be expected, by using dropdown menus or by keyword search or Offer ID – if you know it. The Offer ID for Speed Couriers in the catalogue is C4488. Suppliers can be contacted directly by buyers or through the Crown Commercial Services.

Using the catalogue is very straightforward but it isn’t immediately obvious how to start. On the page, which you can reach via the above link, there is what looks like a screenshot, but it is actually the catalogue. Click on a blank space there and then click the arrows in the bottom right so the catalogue fills the screen.

From here the catalogue is fairly self-explanatory. To learn more about Speed Couriers, you can visit our About Us page and you can also contact us to find out how we can help you and get your items where they need to be.

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