Speed Couriers Favourite Driving Apps

As you might imagine, we at Speed Couriers spend plenty of time on the road delivering packages. As a result, we love find out about the newest driving apps, which can make any drive more efficient, effective and even enjoyable. Here, we’ve put together our favourite driving apps of all time, giving you a quick rundown of what they are and why we love them.

Petrol Prices Pro

£2.99 from iTunes

This handy app is great for anybody who drives on a regular basis. It works by simply finding your current location and providing you with a range of different petrol stops within the area, detailing the current, up-to-date fuel prices. This app has a huge database, with 11,000 petrol station locations from all over the country. This app is great for finding a quick, affordable refuelling station if you’re running low and still have plenty of miles to cover.


Free from iTunes & Google Play

MotorMate is a fantastic little app, which can improve your driving style and even be a lot of fun. If you’ve ever got into an argument with a friend or significant other over who’s the better driver, MotorMate can provide the answer. All you need to do is run the app whilst you are driving and it will measure your acceleration, braking style and driving force. It will then give you a score relating to how safe a driver you are. This can give you a great way to compete with friends and it can also help you to alter your driving and become a safer and more reliable road user.


Free from Google Play

JamCam is an extremely useful app, as it provides you with live feeds from over 100 traffic cameras all over the UK, at some of the busiest A roads, motorways and central London streets. Not only does it give you a bird’s eye view of these packed streets, it can also suggest the quickest and most efficient diversions, helping you to avoid the traffic congestion.

Confused.com Parking

Free from iTunes and Google Play

Our couriers are constantly plagued with having to find a parking space before they can deliver their package, which can take a frustratingly long amount of time. On top of this, there are also the extortionate prices in many of the UK’s car parks, making the entire process very stressful. The Confused.com Parking app gets rid of all the stress with just a few easy clicks. It uses GPS services to find the nearest parking spaces to your current location, as well as providing you with the cost of those spaces.

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