Speed Couriers Recruit A Secret Weapon

Here at Speed Couriers, we pride ourselves on our ability to transport items and packages almost in the blink of an eye. Our speedy delivery service has helped us become one of the most successful same day delivery couriers in the Northwest, and with our new secret weapon, we know it’s going to stay that way!

To give us the edge during the Christmas season, we set out to recruit the ultimate same day delivery protégé; the only candidate who can defy traffic, weather and gravity to ensure every person gets their goods right on time: the one and only, Saint Nick.

Saint Nick, Coming soon to a Street near You

After braving the harshest weather and the coldest winds on the way to the North Pole, our Speed Couriers expedition team pitched Santa the perfect job role. What if you could bring joy to the masses with a fantastic same day delivery service, all year round? Needless to say he finished his brandy, snatched up his jacket and made a b-line for his sleigh.

With a custom paint job for his sleigh, a few custard creams for his reindeers and the coolest pair of sunglasses you’ve ever seen, we managed to transform good old Father Christmas into a lean, mean same day delivery machine, fit for the streets of the Northwest.

So, if you hear the familiar sound of sleigh bells at the dead of night, sometime in the middle of summer, you’ll know its Santa doing his duty as a fully-qualified Speed Couriers deliveryman.

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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