The Speed Couriers Summer Driving Checklist: Part 2

The Summer Driving Check List: Part 2

Welcome to part two of our handy summer driving checklist! We have put this handy list of tips together to ensure summer trippers all over the UK are as well-prepared as possible for their lengthy car journeys in the sun!

If you didn’t catch part 1 of our summer driving checklist, you can find it here to get started.

Create an Emergency Kit

Any experienced driver will tell you that nothing is for certain on the road. No matter how much faith you have in your car, sudden breakdowns can happen to anyone.

Ensuring you pack an emergency kit consisting of a breakdown triangle, a blanket, a torch, high visibility jackets (legal requirement in France), a mobile phone, a map, and breakdown cover details can greatly improve the safety of yourself and others in the event of a severe breakdown.

Pack The Car Well

When you pack the car in a rush you have a tendency to miss things, and to forget where everything is in the car. Take a bit of time, and put things in the glove box that you will need on the journey. Make sure you can easily reach things like CD’s, tissues, snacks, map, pillows and warm clothes. Everything else should be packed in the order you will need them.

Stop For A Picnic

Who says that your holiday has to start when you reach your destination. Why not start it on your journey and stop for a picnic along the way? Take a few snacks, sandwiches, crisps, drinks and fruit and find a nice spot to stop and have a picnic. Assuming the weather is nice there are many beautiful places in the UK to stop and stretch your legs.

You should schedule in a 15 minute break for each 2 hours of driving, so this is a great opportunity for a stop.

Plan A Scenic Route

Rather than just traveling along the boring motorways, why not plan a scenic route for your journey? Advantages of taking a scenic route to your destination include, avoiding long holiday tailbacks, stopping to stretch your legs more often, and by far the biggest advantage is discovering quaint little villages and beautiful scenery along the way.

Check For Cheaper Fuel

If you plan your fuel stops in advance you can save up to £40 when refuelling on your summer journey this year. Why not take a little time to find out where the cheapest petrol stations are on your holiday route, and spend the savings on some fish and chips at the seaside with your kids.

Take Anti Sickness Remedies

Our final piece of advice is to make sure that you have travel sickness remedies with you. There is nothing worse than having poorly children in the back of the car, as it will only make your journey 10 times harder. As well as over the counter anti sickness tablets you can use other methods to keep travel sickness at bay.

You can use acupressure bracelets which have a small plastic button on the inside which put gentle pressure on acupuncture points. One final remedy would be to try ginger snap biscuits, as ginger can be a natural remedy to nausea.

This concludes our handy Summer Driving Checklist! Remember for a well-organised and speedy courier company that you can rely on, call Speed Couriers today on 0161 877 2000.

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