Speed is of the Essence!

Believe it or not, only 20% of the hearts given by organ donors are actually used in transplant surgeries, despite there being well over 3,000 people desperately awaiting a heart transplant each day.

This is hugely related to poor transportation methods, which can significantly affect the overall condition of the organ, rendering it unsuitable for transplantation. The result, sadly, is a multitude of wasted donor hearts and a myriad of missed opportunities to save the 50,000 people per year suffering from end-stage heart failure.

The Speed Couriers Mission

At Speed Couriers, our mission is to reduce this huge number of organ wastage by ensuring these delicate parts are transported in a quick, efficient and stable manner.  

These three factors are of huge importance, as without each of them an organ can easily become unsuitable for use in an organ transplant. Luckily our methods allow us to undertake the transportation of organs and other delicate items with the highest level of care and efficiency, from a speedy pickup to a safe and quick delivery.

We have years of experience in medical and organ transportation, and insist on taking the highest safety precautions to delivery, every time.

Contact our team of expert couriers and head office team today on 0161 877 2000 to learn more about our services.

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