Speedy Delivery by Land, Sea and Air!

A fast and reliable courier service is vital in the world and indeed, the Manchester of today. At Speed Couriers, it’s our mission to make sure our customer’s packages and parcels are delivered as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That’s why we recently invested in creating three state-of-the-art courier vehicles to make sure we get our packages to their destination safe and on time!



First up, we have the GTi2U. This incredible piece of automobile heaven is capable of reaching speeds of up to 300mph, in 3 seconds. Our secret speed technology gives it the ultimate edge when compared to other primitive courier vehicles. What was that blur just then? It was the GTi2U.



Next, the 1NCMER-4000. Wet feet never phased our speedy courier service; not with our finely crafted courier boat of the future. Capable of full submergibility, this master of the sea can cover the length of a blue whale quicker than you can work out how long that might be.

And air!


 Finally, the F-ARR1. Now, some would argue that this is closer to something more of a weapon than a method of transporting goods. Warp speeds and advanced targeting systems might be loud and scary to some people but to us it’s a necessary step in getting packages to our customers as quick as possible. Be afraid.

Okay, so maybe we exaggerated quite a bit. We’re still some time away to our dream courier vehicles of the future, but at Speed Couriers, a quick and efficient service is the most important aspect of what we do. For a speedy courier service you can rely on, contact Speed Couriers on 0161 877 2000.

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