Summer Driving Preparation

Whilst most people become anxious drivers during the winter months, and take a number of precautions to avoid road accidents, the summer months also provide their own unique dangers. As a result, it is essential that you increase your driving safety levels, for both you and other road users.

Car Checks

When driving in the hot summer it is essential that you carry out a variety of checks. One of the most important is to check that all lights and indicators are working properly. In bright, blinding summer conditions, it can often be hard to see cars clearly through the windscreen. As a result, it is highly important that all of your lights are working properly, as they may be the only thing the drivers around you can see of your car.

Another vehicle check you should carry out is to ensure that oil and coolant in the car is at the correct temperature. The majority of breakdowns in the summer are caused by overheating within the car, which are direct result of those two fluids being too hot.

You must also make sure that all air conditioning and ventilation systems are working correctly within the car. If these do not work and you cannot create cool air for the cockpit, you can become drowsy as a result of the heat and stuffiness, which can adversely affect your concentration and reaction times.

Other less important checks include:

  • All windows are clear of dirt, smears and bugs
  • Your seatbelt, seat position, and head rest are adjusted correctly
  • Your wipers work properly and wash bottle has enough wiper fluid

Necessary Items

On the hot summer sun, it is recommended that you carry a number of items at all times, which will help you stay in top condition during your drive. One of the most important things to have in your car is cold, non-carbonated drinks like water or orange juice. Dehydration or even just badly wanting a drink, can have a huge effect on your levels of concentration and your reaction times, which is why it is important to keep some refreshing beverages with you at all times.

Another item you should always keep with you in the car is a fully charged mobile phone. As mentioned before, the majority of summer breakdowns are a result of overheating cars. As a result, you will need a charged mobile phone with you to call the AA and your friends or family to come and help you.

Other items you will definitely need when driving in the hot summer include:

  • Sunglasses
  • A high-visibility jacket
  • A spare bulb kit

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