The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Couriering services like us deliver hundreds of parcels every week. With that being said, it is important to remember to think about the negative impact poorly packaged items could have on the environment. Sometimes, you may find that you’re tearing away at numerous boxes and wrapping before you actually reaching your item. This is called the Russian doll approach to packaging and it can be very wasteful.

If you run a business or personally wish to send items on a regular basis then reducing the amount of packaging you use when you ship items will enable you to do your bit for the environment.

An increasing level of emphasis is being placed upon the use of sustainable packaging. This has encouraged various brands to begin supply eco-friendly packaging made from the likes of “mushroom” material. In order for packaging to be classed as sustainable, it must be created using material that is environmentally friendly throughout its entire life cycle. This includes when it is being used to when it comes to being discarded.

Methods of sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions include downsizing packaging and making a switch lightweight materials, increasing recycling and using renewable materials. There are many benefits attached to using sustainable packaging. Not only will the use of sustainable packaging help the environment by cutting waste levels, but it will also control the energy costs related to the production of packaging solutions.

What packaging is considered sustainable?

When sending goods via a postal or courier service, consider the packaging you’re using to wrap them up in. Paper and cardboard packagings such as envelopes, jiffy bags and boxes can be recycled.

Whereas, polystyrene and plastic wrap is still often produced using a great number of chemicals and doesn’t degrade easily. If possible try to opt for other ways to protect breakables and uses something like a bit of good old-fashioned newspaper scrunched up into balls to pad out boxes. If these materials can’t be used then we recommended that the recipient of the parcel reuses them in their home! Chips of polystyrene are perfect to help any plant drainage!

Here at Speed Couriers, we are always interested in how we can become more environmentally friendly which is why we continue to share our tips with you.

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