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  1. What is Amazon Key?

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      Amazon is launching a service that will enable couriers to enter the homes of customers and leave deliveries inside. The Amazon Key will enable customers to use a combination of a smartphone app, smart lock, and Amazon Cloud Cam to give couriers access to … [read more]

  2. You Try We Wait

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    Delivery systems and e-commerce sites drive forward on demand operations. Services such as Uber and Deliveroo are becoming increasingly popular. People who use these service expect speed and convenience. However, with the fashion industry more consideration has to be made before a customer makes a purchase. Many factors come into … [read more]

  3. Beehives For Drones?

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      Retail giant Amazon has filed a patent for beehive like depots that would be used to house the drones. Amazon has been developing and testing these drones as part of their “prime air” service that aims to deliver small packages in less than 30 … [read more]