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  1. Beehives For Drones?

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      Retail giant Amazon has filed a patent for beehive like depots that would be used to house the drones. Amazon has been developing and testing these drones as part of their “prime air” service that aims to deliver small packages in less than 30 … [read more]

  2. Pizza By Drone?

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    The world’s leading moguls are still itching for the chance of being first to put their name on a delivery drone. But, watch this space, a pizza business may just pip them to the post on this one. The international enterprise, Dominos, has already teamed … [read more]

  3. Flying postmen?

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    Flying toy or a courier’s best friend? As an increasing figure of people take advantage of online shopping the duties of couriers rises. Google introduced on the flying courier through their “Project Wing” on YouTube but since fell silent about progress and realistic timeframes but … [read more]