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  1. Flying postmen?

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    Flying toy or a courier’s best friend? As an increasing figure of people take advantage of online shopping the duties of couriers rises. Google introduced on the flying courier through their “Project Wing” on YouTube but since fell silent about progress and realistic timeframes but … [read more]

  2. All about Waze

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    Wave goodbye to lacklustre commands and say hello the social persona of Waze. Comparable to its predecessors the navigation app Waze offers voice guided GPS integrated with turn-by-turn directions. But Waze’s  imprint within this market is certainly an impressionable one with the loyalty to monotone carried throughout countless navigational … [read more]

  3. The future of our roads?

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        Despite the fluctuating nature of time approximations, driverless cars finally depart from the realm of science fiction and encounter the roads. The buzz surrounding these cars came to an inert standstill but this was short lived with the appearance of one avant-garde pod devised by … [read more]