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  1. Sending Flammable goods

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    When sending flammable goods with a courier there are things you must know to ensure a safe and secure transit. However naturally not everybody understands how vital safety is when handling and sending flammable goods. We’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts here to … [read more]

  2. Does your package have explosive potential?

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    Bonfire night is upon us and whilst at organised firework displays everyone is more than happy watching them shoot, crackle and sparkle in the sky, they are not so welcome at cargo depots! When sending goods at this time of year, many people may not … [read more]

  3. Is what you’re sending dangerous?

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    Whatever you might be sending by courier, you need to be aware that some substances and materials can be harmful and might be subject to special safety precautions and measures. Something you think is harmless could actually pose a significant threat to the safety of … [read more]