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  1. Learner drivers forced to hit their brakes?

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    The thought of a driving test is enough to muster up significant stress. A pass seemingly hangs in the balance. Coming down to a certain extent to the actions of other drivers and the presence of an instructor analysing your every move; daunting to say … [read more]

  2. Learner fail numbers revealed

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    Information released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) highlights some of the worst learner attempts amongst us Brits, which begged the question, should people be able to sit tests after a certain amount of fails? The town of Heckmondwike situated in Yorkshire equated … [read more]

  3. Driving test tips

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    Pressure of driving tests is hardly relieved by pessimistic statistics floating around the web. But you needn’t panic; the potential results overshadow any pre-test fears besides even seasoned motorists recall less than fond memories of pressure and uncertainty. Who knows someday you could become a … [read more]