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  1. Non EU Exports

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    When you are sending a shipment having the correct invoice attached is crucial for it to be cleared at customs. One common question arises and that is what is the difference between a commercial invoice and a pro forma invoice? Proforma invoices are written proposals … [read more]

  2. The Packaging Revolution

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    On the face of it, it might not sound like the most compelling subject matter – but in fact packaging is an industry churning out innovative new products which constantly enhance the way we transport goods. Without effective packaging, we would often find ourselves receiving … [read more]

  3. Are Britains Parcel Couriers still Struggling

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    Due to the rise in online shopping, delivery services should be booming, however a recent report has shown one popular deliver company has closed their doors, and many others are losing money and reputation. The Independent reports that City Link – after suffering from a … [read more]