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  1. Strangest Christmas Goods Ever Sent

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    Christmas is approaching fast and many people who have relatives or friends who live at the other end of the country (or on the other side of the world) send their gifts via courier or mail services. Postal services are becoming increasingly efficient – and … [read more]

  2. Packaging Christmas Gifts – Safely & Securely

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    As Christmas rolls around and everyone is deciding what to buy, there will be many gifts being sent overseas. Whilst this is incredibly useful to an increasing number of people with family and friends who may not live nearby, there are also precautions that must … [read more]

  3. Sending Flammable goods

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    When sending flammable goods with a courier there are things you must know to ensure a safe and secure transit. However naturally not everybody understands how vital safety is when handling and sending flammable goods. We’ve put together a few do’s and don’ts here to … [read more]