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I’ve had wander lust since I was a young kid. I’ve always wanted to know what was around the next bend or over the next hill. Always had a thirst for adventure.

In the early 80’s i worked as a motor cycle courier in London. I’d work for 9 months of the year, save as much money as I could and then take 3 months off to ride around Europe on my own. This was the start of my adventure riding and since then I have been on numerous other trips riding to Morocco, the Sahara Desert and Namibia.

29 years ago I opened my own business “Speed Couriers” in Manchester and the rest as they say is history! But back to the present day and to my next and most exciting adventure yet. From Manchester to Mongolia to raise money for Cancer Research.

I’ve got the pleasure of going with 2 great mates who I know I can rely upon 100%



Ian’s a tree surgeon by trade – which should be really useful in the Gobi desert ! He’s worked all over the world, winning competitions in his profession. Out climbing the Aussies, and cutting them down to size. Unlike our cricket team…

The man is fearless and mad as a hatter. He’s also our entertainment officer, makes parties come alive and organises revolutions at no extra cost. Ulaanbaatar won’t know what’s hit it when we get there!

He’s a relative new-comer to motorcycles. Until about 8 years ago Ian was more into mountain biking. That all changed one day when he was struggling up a very steep hill in the mountains, a motor bike whizzed passed him and he saw the light! Bloody quick learner our Ian!




Lyndon is one of those sickeningly talented guys. He’s an engineer who can not only build incredible bikes but also ride the wheels off them. Yet for someone so talented he is really down to earth and humble. Certainly not in your face about his talents like some top sportsmen.

He built his own bike for the world’s toughest race, THE DAKAR in 2013. He finished 48th overall in his first attempt and most remarkably became the second Brit ever to claim a top ten stage finish since the inception of the Dakar in the 1970’s.

When I asked him if he fancied a trip to Mongolia, A loud “Yes” came out before I had even finished the sentence! Then 2 weeks later he announced that if he was going as far as Mongolia then he may as well carry on round the world for a year or two. Not only that but he intends to race his bike in as many international rallies as he can whilst riding round the world.


I am blessed to have these two trusted friends on board. 

For more of his story you can follow him here.

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