TNT Posties Accused of Dumping Mail to Earn More

Recent news shows TNT postal workers have been dumping huge amounts of mail to earn a better wage. Customers are blaming TNT Post for missing important hospital appointments as well as lost bills and delayed medical test results.

TNT’s postal workers are paid according to their performance in terms of speedy delivery, leading to the conclusion that sneaky posties have been dumping sacks full of letters to have employers pay them more for a job they haven’t done!

Letters have been found dumped in the Manchester and London areas.

TNT Post began its delivery operations in west London in April 2012 and has expanded into other parts of the capital as well as to Manchester and Liverpool, and hopes to reach 40 per cent of UK households within three years!

Clare Yabsley, a mother of two from Hammersmith, west London, says she missed two important hospital letters because of failings by TNT Post. One related to her 20-month-old daughter Mia, who was born with a hole in her heart.

The 48-year-old knew something was amiss only when a letter arrived from Chelsea & Westminster Hospital asking why she had not turned up to an appointment.

She said: “When I phoned the hospital, which has been fantastic, they said it happens all the time.

“It is such a waste of hospital appointments. If it has happened twice to me, how many other people has it happened to?”

Who knows when the letter-dumping madness will be stamped out! One thing is for sure however, Speed Couriers supply a quick and reliable courier service that you can count on; contact us today on 0161 877 2000!

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