Top 5 strangest things you can buy online

Many people know that the internet and it’s possibilities are endless, but many haven’t considered the items which are on offer, so here are a few of the strangest yet wonderful things you can purchase online.

#5 a man lifting war kite

Why would you bother paying of your car insurance this month if you can buy yourself a kite from 1902. The people behind Kite and Wind evidently found themselves asking the same question, and in response they are now offering the kite for a mere $50. The kite was originally designed to life a fully-armed soldier more than twice the height of the Empire State Building. The kite is described as a thrill not only to the pilot but to the people viewing the display also, of which may be referring to the spectacular crash which will probably result from anyone attempting to fly with the kite.

#4 powerskips

The internet is now daring us to buy gas-cylindered, three-foot tall titanium devises called powerskips. Why would you want them you may ask, they will allow you to run at incredible speeds and jump over cars – that’s why. These unique shoes will turn you into a superhero, and will be the single most entertaining product you will probably ever buy. One word of advice would be to be careful and watch ever step you take.

#3 the ability to walk on water

Ever wondered what it would be like to glide along the water without having to jump in or get wet? If so, there are many companies now with offer you the experience to walk on water…in a ball. Not only will this be the experience of a lifetime, you will have so much fun doing it. Running in a huge hamster ball may not sound too appealing, but if you get a few friends involved you will have the time of your life.

#2 the hover scooter

It’s large, expensive and would probably make you look ridiculous but does that matter? It’s a hover board! The Levitating Hover Scooter rides around on a cushion of air created by using a rubber skirt to make an airtight seal against the ground and can travel up to 15-mph, which is slower than a bike but faster than walking, and completely free of any exercise. If you’re looking for a way to get around without any effort this would be the perfect strangest item to buy online.

#1 someone to stand in a queue for you

So here we have it, the strangest thing, person you can buy online. Yes this may seem lazy but if you have money but a lack of time this strange online purchase would be ideal. allows you to pay someone an hourly rate to go to a location and stand in line for you until you then show up and switch places, at this point the rented person will return home pleased with the fact they have been paid simply by occupying space.

From transportation to simple ideas of people standing in a queue for you there are a huge variety of weird and wonderful things you can purchase online, just remember to take a look at any delivery charges and shipping fees before any purchase.

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