Top Tips for Driving in Fog: Part 2

Tips for driving in fog

Welcome to part 2 of our top tips for driving in foggy conditions. After a weekend of thick fog in the Northwest area, we decided we’d share some of our best tips for keeping safe on the roads when the fog rolls in.

So without further delay, here are our final top tips.

Beware of Drifting

Driving in fog can make it tricky to be aware of your position on the road, so it’s definitely worth making the extra effort to keep an eye on road markings.

By driving at a comfortable pace that allows you to check the position of your own car and watch out for other road users who may me straying slightly out of their lane, you will greatly decrease any risks of collision.

Watch out for Animals

If driving through rural or residential areas, be sure to keep an eye out for wandering animals on the road; they may be finding it harder to see oncoming vehicles and stray into the road.

Again, by simply traveling at a more comfortable speed that allows you more time to spot hazards and react accordingly, your chances of collision are much lower.

Freezing Fog

Freezing fog can be incredibly hazardous, so if you find fog during your journey and you know temperatures outside are very cold, be sure to reduce your speeds and increase the distance between your own vehicle and the vehicle in front.

Fog can easily turn to ice when it comes into contact with a freezing cold surface, such as roads. Taking precautions for black ice is the best and safest way to approach these conditions.

So there we have our final instalment of top tips for driving in thick foggy conditions! Be sure to check back soon for more fantastic guides and company news.

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