Top Tips for Moving House

As a courier service, we’ve helped countless people transfer things from one home to another during a big move. As a result, we’ve picked up a lot of experience and top tips for how to best move house.

Organise Your Boxes

One of the most important things you need to do is organise the boxes you will use to transfer your belongings. Find out if the removal company you are using provides boxes for you, and how long before the move they can give them to you. If you’re not using removal people and plan to do it yourself, go shopping at least three weeks beforehand to get all of the boxes and packing materials you’ll need.

Set the Right Moving Date

In general, you will always make the move in full when the contracts are finalised. This usually occurs on a Friday, but if you can get the date to move at all ensure try to complete the contracts on a weekday between Monday and Thursday. If you are using a removal company, they are less likely to be booked up on these days and you could even get a lower rate.

Smart and Early Packing

Throwing all of your possessions into boxes with no order could lead to massive problems later down the line. To move house effectively, you should go on a huge mission to declutter your home from top to bottom. Once all of your items are down to a manageable amount, you should start by first packing away all valuable and easily damageable items, by safely storing them in bubble wrap. Then, get a bag, which you will use to store all of your important documents and sentimental items that you will keep with you at all times to ensure they stay safe. Then start to pack up all other items. You should remember to group items together and to clearly label each box so that the unpacking process will be quick and painless.

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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