Top Tips for Sending Post

Whilst it may sound easy, successfully sending post can be a tricky job. There are a number of steps you have to take to achieve this which, if done incorrectly or forgotten, can lead to your post ending up in the wrong place – and nobody wants that! Here, you’ll find all the information you’ll ever need to successfully send a package.


When writing your address on the envelope of package label, ensure that it is written a clear and readable way. No matter what, there is little point in sending a package if the people who have to deal with it can’t read your writing. Also, remember to write your full address on whatever you are sending. That means their name, house number, road name, town/city, county and postal code. If all of this information is not there, it’s almost impossible for it to get to the right location.

Return Address

Always ensure that you put a return address on your packages. There is always a chance that mistakes will occur and the package will be sent to the wrong person. If this happens, it’s best that the person who wrongly receives it can have it sent back to you, so that you can try to have it successfully sent once more.


When sending packages in dark coloured envelopes, always make sure that you use a white, sticky-back label to write your address on, rather than the envelope itself. This is because dark ink can be hard to read on dark materials, making it hard, for the postage system to work out who it should be going to. These labels can be purchased from all post offices and good stationary stores.


Always ensure that you use the correct stamps for your post. If for instance, you need your parcel to be delivered quickly, you should buy a first class stamp or have it specially delivered. Anything less than that and your post may be delayed for some time, creating potential problems for yourself. Also, when posting overseas, make sure you use the international postage rates. These are different to the national ones, and failure to do so can lead to long delays in your delivery.

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