Top Tips for Trouble Free Postage

If you are concerned about your postage then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find my top tips on how you can have an easy and successful posting experience.

Vital Reinforcement

One of the worst things that can happen in the postal process is the destruction or damage of goods. If you are the sender, there are a variety of things you can do to lower the chances of this occurring. If you are posting something fragile, wrapping it in bubble wrap is always a good way to ensure it is still in one piece when it gets to the recipient. As well as this, you may want to try using corrugated to stop it being bent in the post. You can do this by placing these sheets on each side, at 90 degrees to one another. By making sure the corrugated parts don’t lie next to each other, they will not bend together and will save your parcel from damage.

Postcode Protection

How you write the postcode on your parcel can mean the difference between an easy transaction and weeks, or even months of strife. To prevent this, you must ensure that the postcode is written on the last line of the address and that there is nothing else on this like. You have to do this because the scanning machines at the post office are only programmed to recognise post codes on that line. If they find a problem, the parcel will simply be tipped into a bin that has to be manually reviewed. This process can take an agonisingly long amount of time, which is why it should be no problem taking a moment out to write one line properly.

A Quick Return

Sometimes parcels can just get lost or sent to the wrong location – it happens. However, the worst part about this is you may not know this has occurred, where your parcel has gone or even when it will be returned. You can save time in this process by simply writing your postcode and house number somewhere on the outside of the parcel. This is because the process of having to open your parcel to find the right address is extremely time consuming. By applying this simple idea, you could save yourself months of anxiety, wondering about the location of your parcel.

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