Top tips On How to Negotiate a Car price

Carrying on from our previous advice on ‘How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance’ and ‘How to Save Money on Your Fuel Consumption’, we’re bringing you even more informative and useful car related advice! Here, we’ll list our top tips on buying a car and how to negotiate a car price so that you get the best possible deal.


Before going into a car dealership, you should always do your research. You should know what it is you want out of the car, what your maximum budget is and whether the dealership or the car manufacturer are running any kind of special offer on the model you’re interested in. A quick tip for you to know is that, generally, the bigger and more expensive a car is the more chance you have of negotiating the price down. This is because the profit margins are much larger for the manufacturer, giving them a lot more wiggle room when trying to make a sale.

Don’t appear too keen

Even if you think you’ve found the car of your dreams, make sure you don’t voice this opinion to the salesperson you’re dealing with, as they’ll instantly know they have you over a barrel. Instead of this, praise the qualities of its rival models whilst negotiating the price. The salesperson is far more likely to offer you a reduction or a discount if they think you’ve got other cars in your sites.

Know the tricks of the trade

Salespeople have a variety of tricks at their disposal, which they use to try and raise the price. One of these is to add additional extras to the car without you even knowing it. As a result, you should always check the breakdown of the car before putting pen to paper and purchasing it.

Similarly, salespeople often add the complete breakdown and warranty bundles to the contract without telling you. This can raise the cost by hundreds of pounds, so ensure you check for these things before finalising the purchase.

Offers and Extras

When a salesperson offers you a discount or deals that seems too good to be true, just be a little wary of this. These kinds of offers are usually attached to cars that the dealership are finding difficult to sell, usually because it isn’t very good.

On the other hand, you can try to create a deal for yourself. If you’re finding it difficult to drive the price down on a car you desperately want, you can always try to negotiate with the salesperson to throw in a few extras, like warrant, breakdown insurance, or car merchandise, like floor carpets.

By James Hadley

James Hadley

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