UK Consumers Expect a Three Hour Delivery Window for E-Commerce Purchases


It may come as little surprise that online shopping is becoming more and more popular each year, and recent reports show that UK customers also expect retailers to provide convenient delivery times to help fit in with busy modern-day lifestyles. With this, a 3 hour delivery window has become a standard expectation amongst the majority of UK shoppers, as shown in researched carried out by Ipsos Research.

The survey included 800 adults, 99% of which expected a delivery to be within a week of ordering at the most. Over half of the respondents now expected the estimated time of delivery to be precise within around 3 hours, giving them a much better idea of when their ordered will arrive. Furthermore, 40% of the people surveyed stated they would happily pay extra for a ‘perfect delivery’ in the sense that the parcel would be delivered exactly when and where they asked it to be.

Over half of the customers surveyed said that current delivery options offered by the majority of retailers are not satisfactory; again, more than half of them said that it usually becomes a case of their package or parcel reaching their house while they are not home, stopping them from receiving them or even the delivery service simply misses the appointment time. This can have a costly effect on a business’s reputation, as it may stop customers ordering from that retailer in the future.

From the survey 1 in 10 said they would only be willing to travel around 5 miles in order to pick up what they ordered, and 99% of the people surveyed did state they will be ordering online again over the next 5 years.

It is interesting to see what people think will happen to delivery services in the future as out of the 800 adults surveyed, eight in ten believe they will still receive an item via a courier. 39% expect to pick up items at an agreed third part location, 23% expect to pick items up at a post office or a similar type building and 12% expect items to be delivered by drone or robot!

So does this precise delivery times give a bigger call for the use of things like drones or robots to make sure items are delivered on time to keep people happy? Only time will tell!

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