UK’s most wreck less drivers?


According to research from the Department For Transport the most hazardous driving on British roads occurs in the suburban area of Hillingdon, within the UB9 postcode alone a staggering 11% of motorists have at least one penalty point tainting their record becoming the worst culprits in West London. The TW9 in Richmond and UB1 of Southall in Ealing have both racked up an unnerving 21 points. Whilst approximately 200 motorists currently have 12 points or more on their licences from the postcode HA8 that consists of place like Harrow, Brent and Barnet.

Surpassing these statistics is the UB7 district of Hillingdon and the UB10 area of Hillingdon and Ickenham, with the highest percentage of motorists with points on their licences standing at a total of 6.7%. Comparatively, just an hour drive away the W2 postal code spanning parts of Westminster is home to some of London’s best drivers with 2.9% with a penalty point to their name.

Last year more than 1.2 million people attended speed awareness courses established to provide tips to lower the prospect of speeding in future. Overall, 60% of those questioned claimed it changed their perspective towards speeding. London isn’t the only place highlighted by reports, worryingly around 8,594 drivers have 12 or more points, in Liverpool and Basildon, Essex matched with 51 points each.

By law, those who receive 12 points on their license during a three-year period will be issued with a six-month driving ban, if a person holds a record prior to this be extended to two years.

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