When Does the Value of a Parcel Matter?

In this article, we will be discussing why the value of your parcel is very important if you are shipping to a Non-EU country. When your parcel enters a Non-EU country, the local customs authority will check that the shipment is allowed into their country. Customs will also decide whether the person receiving the shipment will have to submit paperwork or pay import duty and/or tax prior to collecting their goods.

Couriers cannot make predictions in relation to these additional charges as they are only applied once a consignment has reached customs. The charges are made by customs only.

How does this process work?

When import duty and tax are applied it’s often because the goods are either for sale, resale or worth more than a certain value, although this can vary.

The import duty and tax will vary from each country and some countries will apply these taxes on every shipment, whilst others will only apply these taxes if the contents equate to a particular value. If the goods are valued below this then they can usually enter without additional charge. To find out more shipping to you need to visit the countries customs page. This will provide you with the most accurate information.

It is important to note that you cannot state that the value of your shipment is £0. A value must be entered for it to pass customs. If import duty or tax is applied it is a percentage of the parcel value. This will vary with every country and will also depend on the type of item being shipped. The reason for export is also factored into this process. For example, gifts and personal items typically attract lower charges compared to goods that are for sale or resale.

Customs is a government body. Therefore, declaring false information could be considered fraud. If the value of the consignment is lower than what is declared this could lead to problems. Customs are very thorough and they conduct regular spot checks to ensure that the contents of shipments match the declared value. If it is believed that they do not match, there could be consequences such as delayed delivery, fines, and prosecution.

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