Weirdest Post Offices in the UK

Whilst the majority of people will think of post offices as average, boring places, there are a number dotted around the UK that buck this trend. Here, we’re going to show you a collection of the weirdest post offices on these shores.


The smallest known post office in the UK can be found in Sutherland, Scotland where 82 year old Esther Brauer has more of a post shed. Her post office measures in at 8ftx6ft and is only big enough to fit 3 people at a time. It is located in the tiny village of Kylesku and Esther has been working for the Post Office in this cramped space for just over 60 years. She says “it is very cosy and has a gas fire”.


The oldest post office in the UK can be found in Sanquhar, Scotland. This small, former Dumfriesshire mining town is the home to not only the oldest working postal base in the UK, but the world. Its beginnings can be traced as far back as 1712, remarkably making it over 300 years old. Located in the south of Scotland, it was created as a base for runners and horses to move post between the two countries, with surviving outbuildings at the back of the building providing the former stables for the horses. William Dalgleish, whose farther and older brother served as post masters for over 70 years in the 1900s, has said that it may seem a bit primitive to modern offices, as there were no counters. Instead, customers used to have to deliver and collect their post through a window that had been left open.


This post office is located in Balamory, Scotland, home to the once popular children’s TV programme of the same name. This small Scottish town is famous for is wacky, colourful buildings, but the post office stands out above the others. Its combination of pink, yellow and green make this one of the most vivid post offices in the country, not something you’d expect to see in Croydon!

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