What Should You Do If Your Parcel Goes Missing?

Millions of parcels are sent every day. The vast majority of parcels are delivered without any hiccups, but unfortunately, there are some parcels that do go missing. Founded over 29 years ago, our experienced team have learned just how to track down a parcel that may have been misplaced.

How do parcels go missing?

There are a variety of reasons for a parcel to go missing while on the way to its destination. Most commonly, a parcel’s shipping label becomes obscured or removed during the shipping process.

As your shipping label is scanned at each step of its journey, if the information on the label is not visible it will pose significant problems. Parcels with a separate return address on the package will be returned to the sender. If there is not, however, then the package cannot travel any further and is often placed into storage.

Some other reasons for a parcel going missing include packages being incorrectly addressed, and simple operator error. Initially, a parcel that cannot be processed will be placed in storage at the last depot it was scanned at.

What can you do to recover your item?

When a parcel has not reached its destination, a search will begin at the last depot the parcel went through. This process can take a while as many parcels will need to be looked at. If a parcel is not found within 10 days it will be considered lost.

What happens if a parcel cannot be found?

If an item is not found within ten days and is considered lost. If an address cannot be recovered it will be sold or destroyed. However, this situation is very rare. Most parcels do make it to their attended destination. Ensure your parcel does too by using a trusted courier service such as Speed Couriers.

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