Winterizing Your Motorcycle: Part 2

In our first part of this guide, we looked at how to prepare your bike for winter using fuel stabilizer and duck oil. Let’s continue or preparation for the chilly months with some additional tips for riding safe this winter!


Removing the battery during long periods of disuse is a good idea, so take it off and store it in the house until you’re ready to head out once again. Although many people are a fan of battery tenders, a battery that is constantly being drained by an alarm will need consistent charging by a tender, and this makes for an overall unhappy battery.


It’s always a good idea to adjust, clean and lubricate the chain before winter so it’s ready and good to go come spring time. Be sure to use a good, heavy wax to lube the chain rather than any dry lube as it will keep the moisture out that commonly collects on chains during winter. For best results, do this while the chain is still warm.


Make sure both tyres are at the right pressures and raise them off the ground if you can; use a pallet or your centre stand. If you can’t then roll the bike onto cardboard or wood to stop the tyres from getting too cold. Be sure to roll the bike around once every few weeks, leaving the tyres in a different position each time (not leaving the bike stationary on the same patch of tyre as last time).

There we have some more great tips to keep your bike fit and healthy during hibernation this winter!

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