Winterizing Your Motorcycle

The team at Speed Couriers love to talk motorbikes, and with the icy hand of winter lurking just around the corner, we thought some handy tips on how to prepare your bike for cold weather would help our fond fans through the chillier months to come.

Regular Washing

The grit and salt put down in winter can react with the lovely shiny finish and paintwork on your motorbike, so if you are riding in winter, be sure to wash off any grit, salt or residue before it has chance to damage the bike. Use cold water to rinse salt off first before washing the bike down with warm soapy water, as hot water makes the salt react much quicker with the bike’s finish.

Get Out the Duck Oil

Next coat your engine, electrical parts and plastics with spray duck oil. This will keep the moisture from settling on vulnerable parts of the bike and ensure it doesn’t get chance to rust; this is particularly effective if you have to store your bike in a damp or humid space (such as garages containing tumble dryers). Take care not to spray your disks however, this will affect your brakes and could cause an accident at a later date.


Adding stabiliser to your fuel will slow the oxidation process and stop the petrol in your tank turning back into crude oil. After you have added the stabiliser, rock the bike on its suspension to mix in the liquid, then start the bike and let it run until warm so the solution can run through the entire fuel line.

There we have some simple tips to help get your bike in tip top shape before winter comes; check back soon for more winter preparation tips!

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